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In person chaser and savvy buyer. Started with sports in the early 90's then moved into mostly music by the late 90's with the exception of local sports teams in my home town of Seattle. I'm a fan first, dealer second and try my hardest to be kind and respectful to the artists I approach.

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Jerry Sandhu

fast and easy transaction. no complaints from beginning to end. thanks!

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nicole nelson

Very knowledgeable with a vast inventory. Super smooth. Everything you could want in a transaction.


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Ed Bowkley

I've bought a ton of great graphs from Justin and will continue to do so! Great packaging, fast shipping and killer deals! And the man REALLY knows his stuff about music graphs! One of the best!!

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Questions & Answers

Rob Halford, he is like a zombie when I get him.

7 months ago

hahaha, NO they don't at all. But this site basically filters out people you don't want to see on there into one list that you can bet is 99.9% good items thankfully for the collector.

7 months ago

nothing major, the occasional F off. It's the security or managers that get really cheeky and aggressive. I am not overly aggressive either and words don't phase me but I freak out when people put their hands on me for no good reason.

7 months ago

they hire the wrong people and that is why they make so many mistakes. And the system the way they operate is flawed.

7 months ago

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