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Richard & Famous
Richard Simpkin
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  • Sydney, Australia

My name is Richard Simpkin, for 25 years I met over 2000 celebrities in Australia, England & the US. During those 25 years I collected thousands of autographs & also got my photo taken with most of the celebrities that I met. After I became a parent I stopped meeting celebs & started selling my autograph collection. In July 2015 RRAuction sold ‘The Richard Simpkin Collection’. Feel free to google this auction or just google my name. I’m
an author of 5 books & also have a photographic exhibition called Richard & Famous which documents my life over 25 consecutive years (1989-2013) with celebrities. Though I’ve sold a large part of my autograph collection I still have a few boxes of autographs which I’m wanting to sell. Each autograph that I offer for sale has been personally obtained by me in person.
I hope you enjoy my photos & any autographs that I offer for sale.
Happy collecting.
Richard 😊

This seller guarantees that their autographs will pass any third party authentication test such as AutographCOA (ACOA), BAS, JSA or PSA/DNA, or the customer will receive a 100% refund.
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Questions & Answers

Hollywood legend Jerry Lewis grabbed my face in 08 after a press Conference when I asked him for an autograph. Weird thing is after that he signed for me lol
I also had an issue with Mickey Rooney about 20 yrs ago which sucked as I’m a huge fan.

1 year, 3 months ago

Michael Stipe is tough re autographs.
Eddie Vedder was tough re photos in the 90’s but I’m told he’s ok now. Axl Rose was tough with autographs in the 90’s but I finally got him to sign for me about ten yrs ago & he was great.
Bob Dylan has turned me down a bunch of times as well.

1 year, 3 months ago

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