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Thomas Locks
Thomas Locks   breakalegcollectibles64
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  • Seattle, Washington

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Axl Rose

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Chris Soloway

Great seller with excellent communication throughout the process. Purchased a beautifully signed LP from him and am extremely happy. Thanks again!


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Adam Halloran

Absolutely accommodating with any questions that I had! SUPER FAST shipping! Shipped on a friday...Here on Monday! Honestly can't get much better! Thank you!


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Charlie Sotelo

Great communication. Well packaged and promptly delivered. Thank you.

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Questions & Answers

Well people change from the nicest to the most difficult  in short periods of time. I  don’t live in New York or Los Angeles to experience people on a regular basis but from my personal experience when I do travel to Los Angeles or when I used to on a regular schedule I’ve had lots of luck with Angelina Jolie I had a great encounter with Melissa McCarthy.  I’ll give an example what I was trying to say for many years Drew Barrymore was one of the nicest in Hollywood and then she turned into a complete  see you next Tuesday. Some people might wear the crown as the nicest and then that crown gets passed on to somebody else hopefully this answers your question

1 year ago

Yes a couple times  and I failed each time.  Even as a fan of Aerosmith Tom Hamilton quizzed me back in 98  To name a couple songs off of particular album I failed but he still signed. David Gahan from Depeche Mode did the same and I failed  he did not sign  whoever you were going for Know some songs And even who wrote them or who produced the album

1 year ago

Somewhere back in the day it’s associated with dealers pearl jam in Seattle I feel is one of the culprits that started this assumption.  But it is a true assumption a true fan doesn’t care if it’s black or blue they are fine with whatever color certain pens  just look better and in some instances black looks better. for me it’s a case by case scenario  what color I’ll use

1 year ago

You bet I always try to do a little research to find out what their  hobbies are. Something to talk about and keep them busy while they sign

1 year ago

I sure have and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but if you don’t ask it’s definitely not gonna happen so I would say give it a try

1 year ago

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