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I live in Los Angeles, California and have been collecting and selling quality autographs for over twenty years. During this period, I've worked in the television broadcasting industry. I'm also a published writer, my articles and celebrity interviews have been featured in national magazines. As a collector here in Los Angeles, I've had first-hand access to some of the biggest celebrity names of our time.

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04 May 2018


I was thinking about the late Lou Reed this morning. This year will mark the fifth anniversary of the legendary rocker's death. In 2012, I had an opportunity to meet Lou Reed at the FINGERPRINTS music store, in Long Beach, California. He was doing a poetry reading and record signing to support the release of his album collaboration with Metallica. The name of the recording was "Lulu." The music was loosely based on the Jack Th…


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I just focus on my own sales. I know the items being sold in my own eBay store are legitimate.

4 years, 4 months ago

Glenn Frey started screaming at us and told the collectors to "F--K OFF!!" -- then he proceeded to lecture us. This was early in my autograph collecting "career" - I probably wouldn't have put up with it today. At the time though, I just stood there silently because I was a little shocked at his behavior. I felt bad for his wife and kids who were nearby. They looked so embarrassed. They looked like they wanted to crawl under a rock. It was pretty crazy. Its too bad that's my lasting memory of Glenn Frey. I used to love the band growing up. I have a hard time listening to them nowadays because of that incident.

4 years, 4 months ago

I chased Ringo a lot before he announced "he wasn't signing anymore." Nasty guy. I finally gave up. I don't waste my time repeatedly asking for an autograph if they person doesn't sign. I have chased U2 and McCartney a LOT. You have to just keep asking again and again and eventually they'll sign. Springsteen and Elton have turned me down a lot. Actually, I ask Elton now just to see him blow up. It's kind of funny. One time he screamed at us and walked into a wall. Everyone laughed at him. Hilarious.

4 years, 4 months ago

Honestly, they're flawed but they're the best thing going right now. It's better than nothing. I will use them on occasion.

4 years, 4 months ago

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