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Autografica is owned and run by Garry King.

Autografica started in the late 1980's as a by product of Garry's collecting habits, and became a full time business in 1993 when Garry finally sold his then retail business. During these past 20+ years Autografica have become one of the best-known autograph dealers in the UK, and now have contacts all around the world. Garry has attended all the relevant UACC authentication and appraisal courses both here and in the USA, as well as organizing and running a very successful AFTAL backed course for dealers and collectors here in the UK.

Garry also started the well known 'Autographica' event (note the very slightly different spelling) with Dave Phillips, the first event being in Northampton in 2000. The event soon became the largest of it's kind in the world, but the online autograph business at Autografica needed more time, so the share of the event was sold to Showmasters, and it continues under their guidance to this day.

Autografica now supply items to customers all over the world both trade and retail, and are one of a very small number of people whose expert testimony is accepted by courts in autograph fraud cases. We also offer authentication help to other dealers and auction houses in the UK.

Autografica have been featured on many local and national radio and TV stations including the BBC’s ‘Inside Out’ (twice), The Real Hustle, The One Show, Pawn Stars UK, Posh Pawn and two series of Fake Britain with Dominic Littlewood, the last one featuring a recent court case which you can find here).

Radio includes many local BBC and independent radio stations, Chris Evans Drive time show, The Steve Wight show, Venessa Feltz show as well as local and national papers and magazines, including the Times, The Guardian and a 4 page spread in F1 magazine.

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11 Apr 2018

What is my autograph worth?

How much is my autograph worth, and do you buy or value autographs? Well yes, we do buy autographs, but, the big question is, how much are they worth? This is a question we get asked on a daily basis, and it’s not an easy one to answer as it can depend so much on so many different things. • Whose signature is it? • How rare is that signature? • How good is the signature? • What is the demand for that s…

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10 Apr 2018

Investing in Autographs

A beginners guide to Investing in autographs and signed items. A rare collectable autograph makes a great Christmas or birthday present, as it not only shows that you have a genuine interest in the recipient’s interests, but the gift is likely to grow in value as well. Of course, this kind of alternative investment can be prone to the same downward market forces as other assets, but providing that you have chosen carefully, …

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09 Apr 2018

COA's, good or bad, what they really mean!

How good is that COA you have been given, and does it have any real value? As a full time dealer and authenticator of autographs I get daily requests regarding authenticity of items people have purchased both on and offline. They may be a collector, a dealer or perhaps they have simply purchased an item as a gift for a birthday or Christmas present, but for whatever reason, now they have the item in their possession, something …

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08 Apr 2018

Avoiding eBay fakes!

The following article was written and published on eBay some years ago by ourselves, and has now been read by over 90,000 people on eBay alone! It is a fairly long guide, but it is has become the NUMBER ONE autograph guide on eBay for a good reason, so you may find it more convenient to simply print it off for use later. We think you will find it an invaluable reference if you keep it by your computer, and i can guarantee that it …


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