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This item was signed in the presence of RACC Trusted Seller #113 or a direct representative. This COA shall act as a record, statement, and their personal and trusted guarantee of its lifetime authenticity.

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Cleveland, Ohio

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GTV Reality
Giovanni Arnold   gtvreality
RACC Trusted Seller #113
  • New York, NY
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Giovanni Arnold stars in the GTV Reality video web series where he can be seen meeting celebrities for autographs and filming every encounter POV (Point of View) for his fans and subscribers. Gio has been getting autographs in person in New York City since he was 12 years old and is still getting hundreds of new celebrity and music autographs every week. His outgoing and funny personality has lead Gio to befriend many of the biggest names in Hollywood and the music industry, who are always excited to see and sign stacks of autographs especially for him. GTV Reality's mission is to take you directly into the graphing experience so you can know WITHOUT QUESTION that any autographs you buy from GTV Reality are 100% REAL.

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