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Kamal K.

North Carolina
Autograph collecting has been a really cool hobby. I've had the good fortune of collecting great pieces that I'll treasure for years to come. Unfortunately, actively participating in this hobby requires regular screening of forgeries. RACC has been invaluable in this. It's put me in touch with a large, diverse group of collectors to share common interests with and a group of Trusted Sellers from whom I can purchase with the peace of mind of receiving 100% genuine items. In short, the RACC community and Trusted Sellers make memorabilia collecting great!
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Jamie B.

I love RACC because we're more than a club; it's a community. People go out and spend their time and money getting autographs that fans may want from famous people they may never meet. I've seen many cases this year alone where RACC has come together to donate their own items and money to individuals stricken with the loss of family/pets or health issues or different charities. That, to me, is why I love RACC; you just don't see this kind of support in other groups, or in person much either. Thank you to all who make and keep RACC the wonderful group it has grown to be.
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Davy B.

RACC has been a huge help in a hobby that is filled with people trying to scam with forgeries. There are so many groups and websites that are selling forgeries. I wouldn't trust any other site with my money other then RACC. Over the last several months or so I have made 2 of my good friends on RACC and also grown my collection almost 350 to 400 pieces.

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The Real Autograph Collectors Club (RACC) is an online community of in person autograph collectors and sellers (with almost 10,000 members in over 100 countries) who have collectively obtained over 1 million signatures. The group can be joined through Facebook at Real Autograph Collectors Club (RACC) and also maintains a RACC Trusted Sellers list of the world's top most reputable music and celebrity autograph dealers. RACC members offer authenticity opinions, discussions, in person autograph stories, live streaming, POV videos of autograph encounters, signing habits, buy and sell threads, and many other resources on the community's growing Facebook group.

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Josh Heidt left feedback for Chris Hampton

Couldn't come any more highly recommended. Also he looks exactly like John Belushi.


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Nick Curto left feedback for Chris Hampton

I highly enjoy dealing with Chris Hampton. He is very professional, and has great knowledge about hobby.


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David Luttrull left feedback for Chris Michaels

Great transaction..... totally happy.

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Daniel Shields left feedback for Chris Michaels

Chris is super easy to work with and has excellent communication skills and everything is always packaged well.

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Ken Gaus left feedback for Chris Michaels

Great seller, great items, even better prices. Buy from Chris with confidence.

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