Rules & Code of Ethics

Our RACC TS Rules & Code of Ethics are the standards and policies which every RACC Trusted Seller has agreed to abide by. Acceptance of every term setforth, with no exceptions, is a requirement of membership in the RACC TS program. The details and policies of the RACC TS Rules & Code of Ethics originated from the Real Autograph Collectors Club (RACC) community of autograph collectors. The RACC community reserves the right to vote upon, update, revise, and expand these terms and rules at any point in the future. The intention of this Code of Ethics is to cultivate a mindset of strong integrity amongst the autograph selling community, particularly those who are participating in the RACC Trusted Sellers program. We believe strongly that each seller's participation in these terms will help to foster the collecting community's sense of trust in and loyalty with RACC Trusted Sellers.

All RACC Trusted Sellers must agree to do the following:

1. Assure that every autograph you sell is legally obtained, thoroughly checked, accurately described and presented, and authentic.

2. To conduct business at the highest standards, with integrity and honesty, at all times.

3. When possible, maintain a recorded history of the precise date and location of when and where each of your autographs were obtained, and be able and willing to provide these details to any purchaser with whom you complete a transaction, if they request it.

4. When possible, maintain a recorded history of the company name or full legal name of the original seller for any autograph not obtained in person directly by the RACC TS, and be willing and able to provide these details to RACC Staff, upon request.

5. For every autograph being sold online, maintain images which are clear and high resolution without exception. Minimum file size should be 500kb with a minimum image ratio of 500x500.

6. On application, provide a list of other RACC TS who may vouche for the moral and ethical integrity of the RACC TS.

7. Never knowingly sell or be involved in the sale, exchange, or advertisement for sale of any autographed or related material which is forged or where the signature is a mechanical reproduction or is otherwise not genuine; this includes autopen and any other types of forged signatures.

8. Clearly and expressly state in both the product title and description when any autographed item has been altered or repurposed from it's original state.

9. Package and ship every sold item with care and with attention to it's safety and protection during shipment.

10. State the terms under which a buyer can return an item. Return policy must include a reasonable right for a buyer to return items and a guarantee of a full refund on returns, provided the return is requested within a maximum of 2 days from the date the buyer receieved the item, and only when the material is returned to the seller in the same condition it was originally sent.

11. Maintain a receipt or invoice, physically or digitally, for the sale or exchange of any autographed or related item, which may include a history of a PayPal, auction item, or any digital commerce transaction. The receipt or invoice must clearly state a basic description of the item(s), the purchaser, the seller, and the prices, along with any terms or other relevant information.

12. Provide RACC Staff with a corporate and/or full legal name of the principals involved in the business, full street address and contact information. Optionally, sellers may also provide a clear, high-resolution scan of their legal photo identification.

13. Abide by all Federal, state and local laws and regulations related to the purchase, sale or other related transactions concerned with the securing of autographs or autograph related items. Comply with all intellectual property laws, including state, federal and common law.

14. If requested, in person autograph seekers should provide RACC staff with a detailed, alphanumeric handwriting sample from yourself, written while witnessed in person by the RACC staff or live via Skype or Google Hangouts, with an immediate photograph/scan taken and transmitted to RACC staff at high resolution.

15. Comply, within reason and within your legal rights, with RACC staff and any law enforcement agency or agents during investigations of forgery or where forgery, fraud, or the creation or sale of non-authentic autographs may have taken place.

16. Take pride in being a RACC Trusted Seller. Display the logo and RACC TS number on eBay listings and all e-commerce web sites.


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