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Corey Feldman Autograph Signing! (Goonies, Lost Boys, Stand By Me, Gremlins, Friday the 13th, etc)

RACC Signings

By RACC Signings

Jun 22, 2018

We are happy to announce our upcoming private signing with legendary 80s actor Corey Feldman! Corey's most memorable roles include tons of great films: Goonies, Stand By Me, Lost Boys, Friday the 13th The Final Chapter, The Burbs, and more!

We are accepting Pre-Orders for the next few days only. The price is $32 per autograph + the cost of the item on all items available: 8x10 photos ($2), 11x14 photos ($4), 12x18 posters ($5), full sized movie posters ($10-$25), vampire hunter stakes ($5), Goonies Mouth auction figures ($16), and Goonies Mouth Funko Pops (retired: $60).

AutographCOA.com (ACOA) Witness will be included on all items. ACOA Witness Stickers will be added to the back of items by default unless you request them on the front.

To place your order and reserve your spots, comment below or PM the RACC Signings page at facebook.com/raccsignings

This private signing is happening NEXT WEEK! Jump on the opportunity soon if you are interested!

RACC Signings

RACC Signings

RACC signings is an organizer and promoter of private autograph signings with select celebrities and musicians. We are proud to deliver authentic autographs to fans and trusted RACC resellers.

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