Greg Drugan

How Many Graphs Have You Gotten From Someone At One Time?

Greg Drugan

By Greg Drugan

Jun 07, 2018

I really enjoy getting autographs in-person. I will usually bring 3-4 items to get signed from an artist and I'm happy to get one or two.

Journey and Def Leppard came to town last week and they both happened to stay at the same hotel. Everyone in Journey signed- Schon was a strict one each, Arnel and Steve Smith signed a few each and Cain and Valory signed everything. For Def Leppard: Vivian went right to the bus as did Savage, Joe signed one each and we had to talk Rick Allen into signing. He personalized everything but I did end up getting two out of him.

Anyway, my one friend likes to get CD covers signed. He literally buys every CD that an artist puts out with the intention of getting that artist to sign everyone. Believe it or not, he has been very successful doing this- he doesn't have doubles and he doesn't sell anything. For Journey, he had 27 CD covers for Ross Valory and stood there and signed every one! Except "Raised On Radio" because he didn't play on that one.

The most I've ever seen him get from one person was 35 out of Garry Tallent from the E Street Band. He was signing at his merch table after the show, my friend waited to be the last person and asked if he would do everything. Garry looked at all the Springsteen stuff and said "Hey, you helped me put my kids through college buying all this stuff! Sure, I'll sign it all."

Personally, I could never bring that many items for one person to sign. I would just feel funny having that many. I think the most I ever got was six or seven.

So, my question is- How many autographs have you gotten from one person at one time? Just curious!

Greg Drugan

Greg Drugan

I started collecting sports autographs in-person in the ‘90s when the Indians were rolling.  I switched to primarily music autographs back in 2014 when I became a concert photographer/reviewer. Musicians are much easier to get! Living between the Rock Hall and the Football HOF provides me ample opportunities to meet celebs.

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