Official Pix by C2 Ventures, Inc.

Lacey Chabert To Sign For Official Pix!

Official Pix by C2 Ventures, Inc.

By Official Pix by C2 Ventures, Inc.

Jun 18, 2018

We've got a super fun one to announce today. Official Pix is very proud to offer the first private signing ever with the beautiful Lacey Chabert! Known best for her roles in Party of Five, Mean Girls, Lost In Space, The Wild Thornberrys, Not Another Teen Movie and many, many more! For the Star Wars fans, did you know she voiced Mako in Star Wars: The Old Republic? Orders will run through Monday, July 2nd and all Send-In items must arrive by Friday, July 9th. Check it out right here!

Official Pix by C2 Ventures, Inc.

Official Pix by C2 Ventures, Inc.

Since 2001, Official Pix by C2 Ventures, Inc. has been the most trusted name in STAR WARS autographs, providing more authentic signatures to fans than any other provider worldwide. From 2002-2015, C2 Ventures worked closely with ReedPOP and Lucasfilm Ltd. to produce the autograph program for STAR WARS Celebrations throughout the world.

In addition to STAR WARS, we also have many other celebrities from other genres of television and film sign throughout each year both privately and at major conventions where we provide the official Autograph Pre-Order & Send-In Service.

All of our autographs are obtained by us assuring 100% authenticity every time. If we didn't have it signed ourselves, we don't sell it.

C2 Ventures is a partnership of long-time STAR WARS fans, Ben Stevens and Philip Wise.

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