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Meeting Harrison Ford: ‘Can You Please Sign my Life-Size Han Solo in Carbonite Statue?’

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By Piece Of History Collectibles

Mar 23, 2018

In May of 2016 I received a text message from my brother containing a picture of a Life-size Han Solo in Carbonite statue. Seeing the quality of the statue, I was interested right away. I immediately responded to him “Where is that at? Is it for sale??” It turned out that the statue was being sold that day at an Auction in North Jersey that my brother was attending. After doing some research, I found out that the statue was actually pretty valuable. (Prices online range from $2500-$4000.) I told him my maximum price I was willing to pay and hoped for the best. A couple hours later, I found out that I won the statue for a great price, and I was thrilled to say the least. Being able to buy one of these at a local auction is an ideal situation since most of the average Auction goers don’t have the means to transport such a large item. I’d imagine shipping one of these would cost a fortune if you purchased it online. I really didn’t have a great spot to display this statue, so off to storage it went.

This statue was made by a company called Illusive Concepts back in 1996. It was made from the molds used to create the original Han in Carbonite statue from the Empire Strikes Back. This specific version of the statue is known to be the best quality reproduction available.

When I heard that Harrison Ford would be coming to New York City to promote the new Blade Runner film, I knew that I had to try to bring the statue out and try to get it signed. That would really take it up to another level. How do I get this huge statue set up in front of Harrison Ford?? After doing some brainstorming, I came with my game plan. I borrowed a van from a friend of mine and took out the back seats so the statue would fit. Now, I just need to find Harrison Ford. Shouldn’t be too tough. Haha.

I checked to see what public appearances Harrison Ford lined up and planned on which locations might work to set up the statue. I unloaded this enormous statue at about 5–6 different locations and Harrison just wasn’t stopping. Imagine the attention that this made on the streets on New York City. It was surely a spectacle, haha. He didn’t sign anything for 2 days straight. I was really starting to feel discouraged and I was thinking that it just wasn’t gonna happen.

I ended up getting a tip that Harrison was at a pretty low key location (pictured above) and I thought that it would be my last chance to be able to get the statue signed. There was about 20 people there and I wasn’t feeling very confident that it was happening. I unloaded the statue and it was set up and ready to go. All I could do was hope. “Can’t he just sign this already so I can go home.” His security guard came over and lined us up and said “he’s gonna sign 1 each.” Everyone line up. Fortunately, the statue was #1 in line. Harrison came out and walked right over to it and signed it! Mission accomplished. The feeling of happiness swelled over me knowing I’d never have to bring the statue out again and that it was done.


The statue is available on my website and I am opened to offers. At this time, I’m not really interested in selling, but if the right offer comes along I’d consider it.

Piece Of History Collectibles

Piece Of History Collectibles

A Piece of History Collectibles has been an established name in the autograph industry since 2004. We specialize in personally obtaining autographs from the biggest names in entertainment.

I used to attend a ton of Phillies games every year and I'd watch the players come over and sign autographs before the game. One day I decided to give it a shot and I went down and had a few players sign a hat. After that I was on a mission to get the whole team on the hat. Collecting turned into a full on hobby to help pay for my Phillies tickets. I could go and get players to sign whatever I could, then sell my doubles to cover ticket costs. This was great because I got to meet all of my favorite players, I had autographs to give friends and family which make great gifts, and I got to attend Phillies games for free!

I collected Baseball players autographs for about 2 more years until I ended up trying to meet some of my favorite musicians. I had no idea at the time what path this would lead me down. My hobby turned into a full time business. As I traveled collecting autographs from celebrities of all kinds, I met a lot of other collectors. Once I was in this network of collectors, I constantly got tips of where celebs are appearing which kept me very busy. The mission is to acquire the best names on the best items. I take pride in providing awesome authentic autographs direct from the biggest names in the entertainment world. That's what a Piece of History Collectibles is all about.

Thanks for checking us out.

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