Orlando Celebrity Signings

Prepping for the big Con.

Orlando Celebrity Signings

By Orlando Celebrity Signings

May 23, 2018

What do you do the days, weeks or even months before to get ready for a con? For me. I over prepare.
I always have my trusty con bag, with all the newest flair I have acquired, be it buttons, pins or patches. It’s always stocked with plenty of cardboard and toploaders. Not to mention all of the different markers I carry! 

Tomorrow will be the first day of Megacon Orlando, and I have been prepping for months. Not only for my personal collection but for the people that have requested and paid for my services. This always adds stress to the convention as I need every piece to come out perfectly. Then there is the dreaded rescheduling and even cancellations! Did someone say REFUND? 

A lot goes into prepping for a convention so here’s my short list of things to have at the ready. 

-Backup Markers 
-Protection for your pieces toploaders and cardboard 
-Phone charger
-Painters tape for prep
-Labeled Post it notes 

That’s about all I pack,aside from something to bide my time in the lines. 
How do you prep and pack for a MEGA convention?

-Chris Hampton
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Orlando Celebrity Signings

Orlando Celebrity Signings

I've been collecting autographs personally, since 1997. I was infatuated with Star Wars, and still am. My very first autograph was from Jeremy Bulloch, and I was hooked. 21 years later, I now operate OCS: Orlando Celebrity Signings, a company dedicated to providing authentic autographs, by way of private signings. Check us out!

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