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Straight Outta Compton to the Hall of Fame. Meeting the Legendary Rappers of NWA

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By Piece Of History Collectibles

Mar 22, 2018

In April of 2016, The Legendary Rap Group NWA was inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. The Induction ceremony took place at The Barclays Center in Brooklyn New York. Dr.Dre, Ice Cube, Mc Ren & Dj Yella were all scheduled to attend. Since all 4 members were in town I knew I would have a once in a life time opportunity to potentially meet all of them over the period of a few days.

I put my game-plan together. My main priority was getting Mc Ren, Dj Yella & Dr. Dre. Ice Cube wasn’t a big priority for me since he comes around quite often promoting his latest movies and what not. I knew I’d have plenty of opportunities to meet him. The other 3 members make very few appearances and are never on the eastcoast. I found out that Mc Ren and DJ Yella were both staying at the same hotel. I went and waited for them to come out to leave for the Hall of Fame Ceremony. Sure enough, Mc Ren & DJ Yella both came walking out at the same time. They were both very down to Earth and were happy to sign whatever we had for them. Mc Ren even said it had been over 15 years since he’s been on the eastcoast, so that kind’ve made it even more special, knowing how rare this encounter really was. It was great to meet them and to be half way done with the mission. Now, onto Dr.Dre.

The day after the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony, I waited for Dr. Dre to check out of his Manhattan hotel. It worked out perfectly because I only waited a half hour or so before his car pulled up. There were maybe 10 fans waiting for him so we decided to line up to keep it nice and civil. He came out and graciously signed a few things for each person. It was really humbling to see how down to Earth he was and how generous he was with his time. It felt great to have the 3 rarest names knocked out. Now, I only needed “a crazy Motherf*#@er named Ice Cube’s” signature and the NWA items would be complete. (Obviously, without Eazy E’s signature. He passed in 1995.)

Ice Cube had appearances in New York that whole week after the Hall of Fame. He was promoting his newest “Barbershop” movie. I ended up having a number of different locations to meet him at, so I knew I’d most likely be able to complete these items easily. I waited for Cube to arrive to a scheduled appearance downtown. He pulled up in an Escalade and didnt get out for a while. It was kind’ve torture because I just wanted to complete these NWA items and be done with it. I could see the finish line, if only he would come over and write on these things! Haha. After about 10 minutes, Cube got out of his truck and signed for us. He was really cool about it, as always. I got him on all of the photos and that was that. NWA Completes!

I did get to meet a few other Hall of Fame Inductees including some of the members of Deep Purple. The NWA guys were by far the highlight of Hall of Fame week though. I consider myself to be incredibly lucky to have met all 4 of them over a 3 day period like this. Surely a once in a lifetime opportunity that I’ll never forget. NWA ARE Rock n Roll!

Piece Of History Collectibles

Piece Of History Collectibles

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