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The Top 10 BEST Music Autograph Signers of 2017

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May 31, 2018

Written by Michael Kasmar of

When compiling this list we took into consideration of course the willingness to sign but also star power and reliability. Some stars are known to sign stacks of items sometimes without limits while others may be only reliable for one but when you’re an A-lister and reliable for even just one that’s something worth noting. This list comes from the culmination of input from Autograph Pros and the members of the Facebook Group RACC (Real Autograph Collectors Club)

Here are the Top 10 Best Music Signers for 2017 in no particular order…

Roger Waters — It wasn’t that long ago that Roger publicly posted his frustration with professional autograph seekers. His statement reflected his frustration with professionals getting in the way of real fans so he came up with a solution. He swore off guitars and instruments or any professional looking items and opted for albums only for the most part. What makes him a top 10 signer for 2017 is not only did he sign, he signed at nearly every stop of his tour and basically set up his own private signing routine. If you didn’t get a Wall album signed in 2017 you simply weren’t trying.
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Angus Young — Just like the energizer bunny this rock legend just keeps on going and his 2017 tour filled with some ups and downs didn’t slow down this little devil. Many a fan and professional were graced with his autograph on everything from guitars to posters and more. While the days of him taking the time to give you a full body devil sketch are gone, you were still very likely to get his autograph on whatever you wanted if you tried.
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Snoop Dogg — It’s almost like everyone is Snoop’s nephew, at least that’s how he’s been treating us. With his incredible breakthrough into mainstream everything, Snoop has remained true to his fans and dealers alike and has been pretty consistent over the years by taking care of the graphs for us.

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James Taylor — How many years has he been touring now? It’s incredible! In this business/hobby the older they get the less likely they tend to sign but JT has proven incredibly approachable throughout the years. Sure he may put a limit on items these days but can you blame him as the hobby and sources of information continue to grow. He’s another legend who’s been taking care of us for years and certainly a great addition to the top 10.

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Bono — Sure U2 may force you to have their music on your Iphone but no one was forcing him to sign autographs but he’s definitely continued to take care of the fans throughout the years and this year was just another example. When you get to that level that U2 has achieved and toured for all those years, still taking time out to sign for anyone is much appreciated and always something great to see.

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Lars Ulrich — When everyone put Lars and Metallica down for the whole Napster thing he earned a perception of being greedy and caring about people making money off of them but when it comes to autographs it’s the polar opposite making me feel many had that all wrong. Lars has been known to sign stacks of dealer and collector items and vocally stated not caring they were to be sold. I wish his amazing tendency to grab the marker could rub off on his brother James.

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Trey Anastasio — Front man to the legendary group Phish, Trey has always been amazing about stopping to sign autographs and 2017 proved no different. He’s another old-school legend who really doesn’t seem to care where the autographs are going, always stopping for fans and dealers alike, and was really good about signing multiples. Sadly this is yet another big band where I wish his signing habits would rub off on a fellow bandmate….ala Jon Fishman.

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Corey Taylor — If you ever get a chance to meet him I hope he hasn’t changed. Singer, songwriter, actor, author, and best known as the frontman for Slipknot and Stone Sour, he’s been nothing but great in all he’s done and that extends to his signing habits.

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Vince Gill — To be honest there’s a lot more country artists that could have made the top 10 list. Country musicians are to music autographs what hockey players are to sports autographs. They simply are the best and Vince Gill is just one of those guys who it seems no matter what you have with you he’s going to sign it.

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Adam Levine — While I’m not going to say he has the most eloquent autograph, he’s certainly got one of the best attitudes about signing. This Maroon 5 and The Voice star could be found singing songs, judging others, and signing stacks and that’s just the way we like him!

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Honorable Mention:

Bruce Springsteen — I really wanted him on the top 10 and in my personal book he is but it wasn’t for his street signing abilities but instead for his book signing tour. Bruce is a legend and while I’m not a huge fan of his music I know a ton of people are and his fans are super loyal. In 2017 he didn’t just do a book signing; he did a meet and greet book signing tour. Those lucky enough to get a ticket to any of the number of book signing appearances were not just graced with an autographed copy of his book but also a photo taken with The Boss! Again, he’ll still sign here and there so props for that but in general he can be a tough autograph but this book signing was legendary. If only all the rest of the legends could be so cool.

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Axl Rose — Ok, did Angus rub off on Axl during the Axl/DC gigs? Axl was notorious for not being a very willing signer and sometimes was even rude about it but 2017 brought about a new GnR frontman. Don’t get me wrong, most people didn’t walk away with stacks and of course he wasn’t completely reliable but certainly given his past reputation and the incredible turnaround we can only hopefully all of our Patience has paid off and he can make his way on the top 10 next year.

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Vanilla Ice — Now stop…collaborate, and get ready for some RACC’n. The one hit wonder of Ice Ice Baby has turned his career around to be an actor and television host and all the while has not only been nice enough to sign for whoever asked but he really has taken the autograph hobby by storm by going above and beyond. While he may not be the biggest name on this list, when it comes to autographs they simply don’t get any better than Ice!

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