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Who has been your favorite to meet?

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May 02, 2018

I have been fortunate enough to meet a ton of celebrities however Rolling Stones legend Keith Richards certainly is top of the list when it comes to an all time favorite to meet. Always a character, so many "Keef-isms" he's thrown out there. One of my favorite was a fan yelling "We Love You Keith" and his response...."I can't marry ya all!". I've more than once mentioned I'm from Connecticut and he inevitably will bellow back "You're from Connecticut..I'M FROM CONNECTICUT!".
Obviously a rock star, he's certainly lived up to the reputation of living a rock star life so you really never know which Keith you'll meet. Lately he's been blowing away collectors with a near perfect every letter signature but catch him on a bad day and he'll tell you flat out "You're getting a K.R.". Those of us who knows what that means is that you're not getting that nice every letter signature but instead a rushed sloppy one but any signature is better than none.
One of my favorite adventures was while he was at the Beacon Theatre, we were waiting and on his way out he didn't sign so we had to follow. I was already prepared and as he turned the corner I was able to get his attention and asked him to sign a pickguard. Keep in mind, this was while he was still in his limo and I was in my SUV. It was my first ever "Drive Thru Autograph"! He amazingly obliged and off he went to the next location.

The photo I have shown with him was backstage at the Blue Note. Bandmember Charlie Watts was appearing there for a few days with his Quintet while the Stones were off-tour and I had taken a gamble that fellow band members were going to show up in support. It was nothing short of amazing to be right and get an amazing near 1 on 1 encounter there. As the saying goes, the guy will outlast cockroaches so Long Live Keef!

Who has been your favorite to meet?

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