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Sonia Braga
Sonia Braga
  • Born June 8, 1950

Sônia Maria Campos Braga (Portuguese pronunciation: [ \' sõ.nja \' bɾ] born June 8, 1950) is a Brazilian-American actress. She is known in the English-speaking world for her Golden Globe Award nominated performances in Kiss of the Spider Woman (1985) and Moon over Parador (1988). She also received a BAFTA Award nomination in 1981 for Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands (first released in 1976). For the 1994 television film The Burning Season, she was nominated for an Emmy Award and a third Golden Globe Award. Her other television credits include The Cosby Show (1986), Sex and the City (2001), American Family (2002), and Alias (2005).\n', '

Braga was born in Maringá, Paraná, Brazil, to Hélio Fernando Ferraz Braga and Maria Braga Jaci Campos, costume designer of Maringá. She has two siblings, Ana Júlia and Hélio. Her sister Ana\'s daughter Alice Braga is also an actress. Braga\'s family moved to Curitiba and then to Campinas. Braga was 8 years old when her father died, and she moved to a convent school in São Paulo. In her teens, she took a job in the noted Brazilian reception center Buffet Torres as a receptionist.\n', '

The 14-year-old Braga was invited by director Vicente Sesso to appear in "teleteatros" at the Jardim Encantado program. After that, she joined a theater group in presentations in the ABC Paulista region. At 17, she debuted in the play George Dandin in Santo André. In 1968, she participated in the cast of the first Brazilian assembly Hair, directed by Ademar War.\n', '

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