Joe Marino

Joe Marino
Joe Marino
RACC Trusted Seller #199

  • Los Angeles, CA

Joe has been a collector of in-person Hollywood autographs since 2012. His focus is on Oscar nominated/winning roles, movie posters, Marvel, Star Wars, Dr Who, DC, directors and writers. He has been and always shall be an 8x10 guy.

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27 Apr 2018

Spielberg Serendipity

I've never been the type to have a serendipitous moment of luck in the world of autographs. But one particular time, literally every star aligned for me to finally get stuff signed by one of my idols: Steven Spielberg. It was December 18, 2015. I decided to do 2 events that day – see “Force Awakens” for the first time then hit up a Leonardo DiCaprio Q&A for “Revenant” a few blocks away right after. Now just to understand, Spi...


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Amazing service from Joe! great pricing, super quality service, and super fast packaged! A+++++ service! THANK YOU!! Always a pleasure buying from him.


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Laura LaBarber

I’m not sure I’ve ever bought from joe. He’s an 8x10 guy, I like em bigger. But joe is one of the coolest and nicest guys I’ve ever talked to. He’s almost got me to buy a few 8x10s he’s got such awesome stuff. You won’t find a more caring guy then Joe. Top notch autos


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Terrence S.

Great communication 
Solid seller
Have done a couple deals 
Always willing to work it out.


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