Mike Schreiber

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Mike Schreiber
Mike Schreiber

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I have been collecting IP autographs since around 1998. Like most i started with sports autographs and slowly branched out into entertainment autographs. Now i really only go for movie stars and music stars.

This seller guarantees that their autographs will pass any third party authentication test such as AutographCOA (ACOA), BAS, JSA or PSA/DNA, or the customer will receive a 100% refund.
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Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston with Mike Schreiber

Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder with Mike Schreiber

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Wes Studi

Wes Studi signing autographs for Mike Schreiber

Wagner Moura

Wagner Moura signing autographs for Mike Schreiber

Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong signing autographs for Mike Schreiber

Tom Holland

Tom Holland signing autographs for Mike Schreiber

Thomas Ian Nicholas

Thomas Ian Nicholas signing autographs for Mike Schreiber

Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg signing autographs for Mike Schreiber

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Have purchased dozens of items from Mike over the years and have been extremely impressed with his service.

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I've used Mike's service for MANY items, including an Amy Ryan, Jerry Seinfeld, Alia Shawkat, John Francis Daly, Aubrey Plaza, Fred Savage, Jon Cryer, among others! He is always very responsive, provides shipping details and tracking info, ships VERY quickly and makes sure you get what you wanted. He is detailed in the description of the items and makes it a pleasant experience. I love everything I've bought from him!

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Been buying from Mike for over five years! Always fast shipping. Great seller!!!

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Have purchased several things in the past and have always had great service. Thank you.

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Got a signed Hot Rod poster in an auction for an amazing price. Poster arrived very secure and the poster was flawless and exceeded all my expectations.

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